Corporate Philosophy

We will accelerate the evolution of mobility to open up a whole new era.We will keep moving forward toward a future full of smiles.

Our Values

Making customers smile
We stand by our customers, exceed their expectations, and put a huge smile on their face.
Making fellow workers smile as well
We value the health and happiness of our employees and their families, and create an environment in which each and every one of them is able to work in their element.
We appreciate diverse values, trust each other, and aim to grow together with fellow workers.
We think about what we can do to achieve that goal and act on our own initiative.
Being professional
We have a sense of pride and responsibility, and continue to improve ourselves so that we can always give our best performance.
Challenging ourselves
We enjoy change, learn from mistakes as well, and take one step forward to challenge ourselves to explore new possibilities.
Acting while thinking
We act with speed while searching for an even better way.
Living together with the community
We try to harmonize with and become a useful member of the community.
Social responsibilities
We comply with laws, regulations, and other rules of society and act in good faith.
We contribute to safety in the motorized society and conservation of the environment through our business activities.