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Top Message

The Nissan Tokyo Sales Holdings Group operates mobility businesses, including maintenance, vehicle transport, and taxi businesses, mainly in the Tokyo area, with Nissan-affiliated automobile sales companies at their core.

Throughout our history, since our establishment in 1942, we have operated in Tokyo, a city that continues to change with the times. In 2011, we reinvented the Company as Nissan Tokyo Sales Holdings Group, and currently eight business companies are engaged in our network.

The automotive industry is in the midst of a once-in-a-century transformation due to the rapid development of “CASE” and “MaaS.” As a mobility-related business, the Company hopes to contribute to a clean, safe, and secure society through the provision of exciting mobility that offers “the fun of mobility” and “safety, security, and comfort.”

In November 2022, we formulated our new Corporate Philosophy, “We will accelerate the evolution of mobility to open up a whole new era. We will keep moving forward toward a future full of smiles.” This expresses the intention and desire of all members of the Company to actively promote the evolution of mobility and create a society that will make all our stakeholders smile.

To realize this Corporate Philosophy, in FY2023, we will launch our new Medium-term Management Plan. Under this Plan, we will contribute to the sustainable growth of the Company and the sustainability of society through the powerful promotion of three growth strategies, namely “leader in electrification,” “safety and drive assist technologies,” and “mobility business.”

Akira Takebayashi
Representative Director and President